Friday, November 13, 2009

Steve Nash: You Need to Wear A Batman Mask!!

Remember how, as kids, we used to take both our left and right hands, shape them into the 'a-ok' symbols, and then flip them upside down around our eyes to make a Batman-like face mask?

Well, Steve Nash wants all to know that such a gesture is now the new symbolic stand-in for saying: "ARE YOU BLIND?! YOU NEED TO WEAR A BATMAN MASK!, GLASSES!"

I love how completely normal and natural Steve Nash acts as he proceeds to bust out such a complicated hand gesture as this in the middle of such a heated moment...and how unfunny and purely serious he finds himself amidst it all. You think this is funny? You need to get yourself some glasses.

Well, on this night, you didn't need Batman glasses to know that the Phoenix Suns were simply no match for their Pacific Division rivals - your Los Angeles Lakers.

The NBA is funnier during in-season than out,
Jonathan Hernandez (Chick's Fridge)

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