Friday, August 21, 2009

3-Year Old Kid Knows the Lakers Better Than Your Mom Does

I'm not even going to add some idiotic, witless intro to this like I usually do, so... just watch this whiz kid:

I bet the Celtic kid can't do that. This little guy is amazing. I'm pretty sure he's the main reason why Lamar Odom decided to stay in LA. Ironic that he had to spend like 24 seconds, the longest out of any player, to decipher Kobe Bryant's number, but only 0.5 seconds to cutely shout out 'Mbenga'. All I know is - impressive. How old are you? And did you even know that Kurt Rambis' jersey number was 31? I only knew he was white. I just hope the cute kid knows his ABC's and 123's just as well though, cus...knowing that #18 is Sasha 'the Machine' Vujacic will never get you very far in life. Neither will actually being Sasha Vujacic the person...

The Fridge Loves Educational Laker Learning,
Jonathan Hernandez (Chick's Fridge)


  1. Haha....I have a vid of my three year old doing the same thing.

  2. Actually, I just watched the vid again, and he was a month shy of three at the time, and I asked him the player names, and he gave me the numbers.

    Cute...he's a Laker for life, just like this little fella here.

  3. I posted the video here:

  4. haha that's great! beautiful family. love the laker fam.

  5. You've got to teach him how to it now before he develops an interest in ballet or something. ;)

    Your boy's got very well developed vocal/speech skills for a 3yo though. Congratulations, I'm sure you're very little guy is a bit less verbal, more numbers oriented, and is a computer whiz, already knows how to play all my Laker videos stored on my hard drive, go to You Tube, do Laker related google's crazy.

  6. haha, oh..this is not my kid. but im sure the dad is proud regardless.

    im sure you're very proud of your own two kids as well, with good reason.

  7. wow..its so funny ..thats the very great family..

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