Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rashard Lewis On Hyperizers: Suspended 10 Games for Hella Drug Violation

Well...someone's up to 'speed' with their game. On the day Rashard Lewis received his 10-game suspension from the league for violating its drug policy and allegedly using performance enhancing drugs, new video surfaces of him rapping about some Hyperizer product while sporting a cool new 'do that just screams - high testosterone levels.

They just be hyperizin'. Why ya'll be criticizin'?

What exactly are Hyperizers? Is that the stuff Rashard Lewis took during the playoffs? Or the stuff he put in his hair? Was he suspended for drugs or...for this commercial? The world may never know. Regardless, Rashard just wants you to know:

Being hyperized is hella fun. How much fun? I said, hella fun. It's not my fault you can't hang. Maybe basketball just ain't your thang.

Rashard is hella suspended. As suspended as his hair is in the air.

Don't criticize. Just hyperize. Here's the emcee list to this rim rockin', chart toppin', hot jam:

Fog Raw: Mo Williams + jerry curls
Velvet Hoop - Kevin Durant
Chief Blocka - Andre Iguodala
Ice-O - Rashard Lewis...on hyperizers.

I'm still honestly not sure what this song is about. All I know is...Someone should have laid a little more low. And that goes for his hair too, Ice-O.

Moral of the day: Listening to Scot Pollard has never gotten anyone very far.

The Fridge is Ice-O'd Out...And Suspended,
Jonathan Hernandez (Chick's Fridge)

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  1. Man that Scot Pollard video is hilarious. So is the spelling of his first name, ANYWAYS...

    I don't know if I believe Rashard when he says he took an over the counter supplement. He was caught with a steroids precursor containing DHEA. I don't think the big story is steroids in the NBA. I think it's about the Magic possibly losing home court advantage without one of their best players.