Friday, July 3, 2009

Elton Brand Could Never Hit a Trey Like Z-Bo!: Los Angeles Clippers Trade Zach Randolph

I remember shouting out loud with my section that EB could never hit a three like that! (Here's Zach Randolph doing exactly that. Amazing JUST Happened.)

Chatting with Chick's Fridge and Lawler's Law on the recent Zach Randolph trade to the Memphis Grizzlies:

Lawler’s Law (Mike): I was actually a big time Zach Randolph fan.

Chick’s Fridge (Jon): My condolences.

The kind of guy you'd bring home to your mother.

Lawler’s Law: I was at his first few games at staples center. Clipper nation was still bitter over Elton Brand. And Z-Bo helped us get over EB.

Chick’s Fridge: I feel some awkward reminiscin’ coming on. Cue the Korean drama music…

LL: Z-Bo was exciting, especially when he knocked down some big time threes. I remember shouting out loud with my section that EB could never hit a three like that!

CF: Hahah…I guess you gotta hold on to something…I find it hilarious when guys like Z-Bo take random threes like that.

LL: If there was one small portion of gladness that came out of the Clipper ‘s season last year – it was definitely Z-Bo’s first few games. I think they won three straight. We were in euphoria.

CF: I don’t think the Lakers have even lost three straight in two years. I guess you gotta hold on to something.

LL: Anyway, I will gladly cheer for him when Memphis comes into town. But I won’t miss him missing his defensive assignments and letting guys blow past him. Nor will the front office miss his ridiculous contract. Holy crap, the Z-Bo trade saved us $24.6 million. Clips can go after some goods next summer! Holy crap, imagine Lebron James and Kobe Bryant sharing Staples Center.

CF: Looks like the Clips are going to be active in the Summer of 10’. Interesting.

LL: Anyway, with Z-Bo gone, we can start anew. I’m excited to see how Blake Griffin progresses this season. It is exciting to have him on the team.

CF: Yeap, you guys got the only ‘sure thing’ in the draft this year. Wonder how Olowakandi’s doing…He’s so irrelevant now that any swagger he had left has all been jacked by the new Candy Man, Lamar Odom.

LL: Although the starting five of Baron, Gordon, Thornton, Griffin, Kaman doesn’t really jump out at anyone, it does give the clipper nation hope. And I’ll be ecstatic if they play .500 ball this upcoming year. I’m also very interested in seeing Deandre Jordan’s development and I think Eric Gordon is still flying way under the radar.

CF: At the very least, hopefully you guys can relive the 2001 days or something, when people had you guys pegged as one of the most exciting, young teams in the NBA – and everyone was doing the D-Miles, QRich head bump. I guess that’s why you guys traded for Q.Rich. Revival.

LL: Yeah, hopefully. They keep saying they’ll play more up-tempo, but I’ll have to see it to believe it.

CF: Yeah, you gotta have more ‘flatulations’ as Lawler said.


LL: Odom to D-miles. Classic.

CF: I still think you guys shouldn’t have turned down the Darko deal with Memphis. Even if he wouldn’t have gotten playing time, in the NBA, it’s never too much to have a luxury of bigs. Plus, his contract is up next year as well. And unlike Q, at least he can play D.

LL: Hmm. I think that’s irrelevant. Kaman, Camby, and Deandre cover the 5 spot.

CF: At the very least, he would have been a good practice player to push the other bigs. Just don’t come crying when someone gets injured. *cough* CAMBY *cough*

LL: I don’t think anyone has ever cried for Darko to be their team’s savior. Who is Darko Milicic? I guess he’s an NBA champion, so what do I know.

It starts with Z-Bo, and ends with Darko. It only makes perfect sense here at OhMeOhMy,Jello’sJigglin NBA Chat, where two Clipper and Laker minds collide to provide…we’re not really sure ourselves, but we’ll keep hustlin’.

Fridge is closed, Law’s been Laid,

Jonathan(Lakers) & Mike (Clippers)

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  1. Dude, I am definitely a fan of this blog. but rest assure, i will only be commenting on CLIPPER ORIENTED blogs. haha hope all is well. take it easy, ya'll. -kenny