Monday, July 6, 2009

Random Summer Musings: Ex-Clipper Lakers Make It Tough to Be A Clipper Fan

Lawler's Bingo Card:

I'm on the Lakers official website and there he is smiling as wide as ever. NBA Championship Trophy in his hand. The greatest prize in all the NBA is right there in his hands!

A year ago he was a starter alongside Dan Dickau for the Clippers, and now he is forevermore an NBA Champion after playing relatively significant minutes for the Lake Show.

Guys like Josh Powell make it tough to be a Clipper fan.

Chick's Fridge:

Guys like Dan Dickau make it tough to be a Clipper fan. or a basketball fan. or a 'white, short guy with curly hair' fan.

In other news, Dan Dickau will also play Bilbo Baggins in the upcoming movie, The Hobbit.

Seeing Ex-Clippers like Lamar Odom win an NBA championship is a little bit easier to swallow and grasp for Clipper fans, I'm sure. Just be glad that the Lakers didn't win it all last year. Or else you'd probably also be lamenting the fact that Vladimir Radmanovic, who once tried to hit the slopes to fulfill his dreams of Winter X-Games glory, would also forever be immortalized as an NBA Champion.

Yes, this guy:

Join me in a state of bliss.

Summer's Long,
Lawler's Bingo, Chick's Fridge.


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